Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Bead Lantern by Manon

Edwin hurriedly walked past the table  on which held her grandmother's most prized possession,the bead lantern ,( a lantern filled with colourful  beads.)But her elbow touched it and made it topple onto the tiled floor and shatter into a thousand tiny fragments of glass! Edwin was horrified at what she had done.No sooner had it had smashed a set of her grandfather’s little model  builders sprang up and started sorting the beads into colours and then size! Edwin was so surprised she pinched herself ten times to see if it was real.Then they took away the beads...


  1. Manon, I am always a bit clumsy, so your story really resonated with me. I love that the little people in the picture are trying to repair it, that is really magical. Well done, great writing.

    From Carol (Team 100, Bromley UK)

  2. Manon, I am always a little clumsy so your story resonated with me. I loved that the little people were fixers, that's really magical. Well done, great work


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